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I have a BSc in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation and I am Qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer and Sports Masseuse. I have had over 7 years of experience working within this field. Previously I have worked with Birmingham City Youth Development team and I currently work full time as a Sports Rehabilitation Therapist and Personal Trainer at Core Health and Wellness Clinics in Warwick and Hatton, as well as running my own company.

I can treat clients in the comfort of their own homes or club/team training grounds
in the Solihull, Birmingham area or further afield.


Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is a deep tissue massage incorporating neuromuscular and corrective techniques targeting specific areas surrounding an injury to promote soft tissue healing and speed up recovery time. This therapy is not solely for sporting individuals and athletes, it can be just as effective to those suffering from muscular injuries such as; strains, high muscular tightness or tone, or gym goers suffering with postural asymmetries.

Treatments involved in Sports Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage – Lengthens the muscle fibres and removes waste products to progress tissue healing
Deep Frictions – Reduces scar tissue and enables reformation of damaged tissues
Compressions – increases cellular nutrition to remove any waste products at the site of injury to allow tissue remodelling
Myofascial Release – Loosens tight muscles and relieves pain due to elongation of the bodies fascia chain
Trigger Pointing – Improvement in ROM ( Range Of Motion ) and Circulation.

Personal Training

I work with a wide variation of clients. Work with me at home or in clinic, both provide a motivating and quiet environment.

What does Personal Training include ?

  • A personal training session at least 1x per week.
  • A periodized training program to follow outside of PT sessions.
  • A macro-nutrient specific nutritional plan.
  • Regular communication and progress monitoring via PT Hub App.
  • Youtube Channel with reduced subscription (starting soon).
  • FUN, challenging and inspiring personal training to reach your goals !

Whether your looking to lose weight, decrease body fat, improve fitness, gain strength….Simply book your FREE initial personal training session and we will create a unique training plan to suit you.


Functional Muscular Rehabilitation
Movement Program

This program is offered as a course, combining Remedial Massage and functional movements to aid the recovery and improve muscular function – this is aimed at all abilities across a wide range of sports, from the casual golfer to the elite sportsperson.

This program is based on a 6-8 week rehab program, however depending on the severity of the injury, the program can be extended with top up sessions.

Who can benefit from sports massage?

Anyone that is working in a physical Job or engaging in physical activity on a weekly basis,
will see the benefits of sports massage.

Those suffering with injuries affecting them daily or athletes with injuries affecting sporting
performance. Sports Massage can encourage and speed up the healing process.

To realise and detect where an injury is situated and the cause of the injury means a client can be
given the correct treatment and training regime to ensure a speedy recovery.

Colin Wall – Personal Training Client

Personal Training & Sports Therapist Review

“For 15 years like many people I used to go to various gyms’ not making any progress. Ultimately I used the gym to keep fit, but in reality I had no goal, made little progress, and continued to eat whatever I want when I want with no control. I was just about to turn 40 and personal trainer Rob Butler approached me while I was doing my normal daily work out. He showed me a couple of machines around the gym in 30 minutes and offered me a free personal training session, which I took up the following week. He took me around the gym showing me some cardio, weights and body weight exercises giving me a new way of working. Feeling inspired, and feeling like I had real work out for a change, I committed to a 12 weeks plan offering me a personal training fitness program with diet planning and a goal.

At that time my goal was to lose body from fat as I 29% fat to as low as I could before on holiday to Mexico in 3 months’ time. I took to the food plan offered and had personal training once a week, but also attended the gym a further 4 times in the morning before work. Rob measured my statistics every two weeks keeping me motivated throughout. Family and friends soon noticed the difference and my goal were met going down to as low as 9.1% body fat. I soon became confident on the gym floor and started other classes such as circuits, boot camp and ab classes to compliment my personal training. My next goal was to gain muscle and stop lean, while living a fit and healthy routine, but also be able to relax and time off like, cheat days and holidays. This was very easily done with the different routines I was doing and motivation from Rob to keep me on my toes with fitness and the food regime.

Today I still have personal training with Rob which fits into my life style. It has inspired people around me with my family eating healthier and friends who have joined a gym to get fit. Rob Butler comes highly recommended from me not only a personal trainer to help you manage your fitness, eating and wellbeing, but also a sports therapist. Not only a great guy but tailors your plan to your lifestyle and adjusts his routine take into account any injuries always looking to achieve the best for his clients. I have also used Rob for sports therapy on a number of occasions, which compliments my training to reduce any risk of any injury, and be at the best possible shape to continue training. If you want a personal trainer and sports therapist for you to achieve your goal of fitness, and you are prepared to put the effort in and commit to follow a structured plan, I would say Rob Butler is your man.”

The Transformation:- Then – Final


Nicola Bennett – Womens PGA Professional

Sports Rehab Review

“I started training with Rob to achieve goals of increasing and transferring my power into my Golf swing, get rid of my belly fat that all woman hate! I wanted reduce the chances of incurring any injuries in my lower back, as it had been triggered on a few occasions. Although we have only had a few sessions to date, Robs knowledge and dedication to his client’s goals has proved to be far more than just achieving goals. Already my knowledge on injury prevent for Golfers has been increased, as well as the causes, why set exercises are going to create my goal and I understand why I have been put on the set programme. Using kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises, my overall strength and flexibility is rapidly improving in a short space of time. Each workout is tailored to me, so we can achieve exactly what we have discussed. Rob is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with accurately and in depth. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear. Rob is energetic, committed and inspired to assuring his clients reach their goals effectively.”


Lin Davies – Personal Training Client

Personal Training

Quote – ‘What to say about Rob Butler …dont get my started haha’.

I had been to a lot of personal trainers before I met Rob in 2015 and never really managed to get the results I was looking for.  He introduced me to a personalised nutrition plan that worked in parallel with my training.  Having been to other trainers I thought I was quite fit and knew how to perform exercises correctly and safely. …How wrong was I. !!!  Rob is very particular about training properly and making sure you don’t get injured. His background in Sports rehabilitation had a huge benefit on my overall well-being. I had suffered with knee pain in the past and just ‘lived with the pain’ as no matter what exercises or stretches I had previously performed made a difference. However in the short space of 14 weeks my knee pain had diminished and I felt my posture had altered for the good due to this. This was of vital importance to me as I was training for the 3 Peak Challenge early last year and I am confident that without his tailored sessions and meal plans we may not have succeeded within the 24 hours.

Sadly I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2016 and Rob with his training and nutrition plans helped me to recover and since I have been in remission we continue to focus on rebuilding me and my core and losing the weight which I had to put on through my Chemotherapy. I am grateful and appreciative to Rob for preparing me for two key milestones in my life and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

He may work you hard but if you follow his guidance and expertise, I have no doubt you will reach your individual goals. It has been a pleasure to work with Rob and I will continue for as long as I can to maintain where I need to be.

Lin Davies


Deep tissue Massage45 Minutes£30
Swedish Legs Massage (front and back)30 Minutes£20
Remedial Massage60 Minutes£35
Sports Massage Therapy30 Minutes£20
Sports Massage Therapy60 Minutes£35
Functional Rehab Treatment6/8 Week Program
60 Minute Topups

On your first visit please allow an additional 15 minutes for the free of charge consultation period.
Please note additional fees may apply when working mobile


Rob Butler